A Research-Driven Pharmaceutical Company

We're an early development-stage company focused on the discovery and development of novel disease-modifying clinical candidates. By using natural products as our starting point combined with phenotypic screening, we are not taking the typical approach but undertaking what others cannot or dare not do.

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Research Strategy

Goutier's research is directed to the pursuit of novel compound classes by phenotypic screening and structure-based drug design, and on the optimization of established drugs for new therapeutic indications. The discovery of those new medicines is led by our state-of-the-art technologies on electrochemistry and electrohydrodynamic atomization (electrospray). Our strategy is to fully integrate the areas of medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, assay development, data sciences and medicine to be able to deliver medicines which truly benefits our patients. Furthermore, we demonstrate throrough scientific (pre)clinical proof-of-concept for the unmet medical needs before our proprietary discoveries will be licensed to biotechnology or pharmaceutical firms for further (late stage) clinical development toward a drug or treatment.

Goutier's research is focused on three areas:

Natural Products

We harness the complexity of natural products and focus on what we do best, our expertise in small molecules drug discovery.

 Small molecules

Therapeutic Areas

  • Neuroscience
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Cardiometabolic Diseases
 Medical Science

Medication Compliance

Our mission is to tackle non-compliance. We explore new medical innovations from controlled-release oral formulations to long-acting injectables and digital health. more

 Pharmaceutical Development


Current Pipeline

Goutier has generated a pipeline of promising new medicines. Currently, it includes 2 clinical candidates targeting musculoskeletal and cardiometabolic disorders, for wich Goutier is seeking partners to initiate clinical development.


* GLR-032 is currently in development as a long-acting injectable (sustained-release formulation).

Research Technology

By investing in groundbreaking technologies, we aim to drive innovation within our pipeline and accelerate the delivery of better therapies to our patients.

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Targeted Drug Delivery

We are exploring new methods for delivering medicines that are more precise and impactful with minimal side-effects.

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Innovative Drug Formulation

A common problem in drug research occurs when a medicine shows poor pharmacokinetics and, therefore, cannot be absorbed in the body. We discovered a novel solution to overcome this problem for specific medicines.

 Technology, Pharmaceutical Development
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Our efforts in optimizing manufacturing to make processes clean and cost efficient have resulted in a novel process fully compliant with the rules of Green Chemistry.